• The Positive Side – CATIE’s  health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV highlights the stories of diverse people with HIV from coast to coast to coast and delivers practical information on treatment and other HIV-related issues.
  • CATIE fact sheets – a set of up-to-date fact sheets with extensive information on different HIV medications and treatment topics.
  • TreatmentUpdate and CATIE News – in-depth newsletters on developments in HIV and hepatitis C treatment and research.
  • A Practical Guide to HIV Drug Side Effects for People Living with HIV – CATIE's guide to common side effects associated with HIV drug treatment.
  • A Practical Guide to a Healthy Body for People Living with HIV – CATIE’s in-depth guide to preventing and managing multiple health conditions.
  • HIV and Emotional Wellness – This booklet/online resource explores common emotional health concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. It offers practical advice on how to achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  • HIV411 – can help you locate an HIV organization or other HIV-related service in your area.

You can also call CATIE’s free information support line at 1-800-263-1638 to speak with one of CATIE’s knowledgeable educators. They can answer your questions about HIV treatment.

With that, we wish you the best with your HIV treatment. We hope this resource has inspired you and given you confidence that you can live a long and healthy life with HIV.