Board of Directors

About the CATIE Board

Four of the 15 board members hold the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.


  • Indigenous director (1)
  • At-large director (4)
  • Director, Atlantic region (2)
  • Director, Ontario and Nunavut region (2)
  • Director, Pacific region (2)
  • Director, Quebec region (2)
  • Director, Western region (2)

Honorary Members

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to the organization, the Board has awarded lifetime honorary memberships to:

John McCullagh

Past Chair

Trevor Stratton

Past Vice-Chair

Terry Pigeon

Past Chair

Patrick Cupido

Past Chair

Linda Gardner

Past Co-Chair

Robert Gardner

Past Co-Chair

William Naumovich

Past Co-Chair

Brian Robinson

Past Secretary

February 2024