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The past year has brought a lot of changes. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have prompted us to stop and think about what we take for granted. They’ve shown us that health, safety and freedom are basic rights that many people don’t have. They’ve also shown us that addressing these problems needs collective action—when it comes to urgent social issues, we all have to do our part.

In this issue we’re reflecting on where we are and thinking of how to move forward. In "My Generation" a diverse group of older and younger HIV activists talk about what activism means to them. Closer to home, "Chatty CATIE" celebrates our 30th anniversary by looking back on our activist roots. Elsewhere, we hear from activists and community workers who are grappling with Canada’s overdose crisis: in "Getting Started," harm reduction activist Matt Bonn gets the scoop on what it takes to set up a supervised consumption site, and in "Party Time" we look at harm reduction for Party n' Play (PnP). Here you’ll learn how community members and HIV organizations tailor supports for guys who use drugs during sex, and if you party, we have some practical tips to keep yourself safer. In "Sex in a Pandemic" we also have a guide for having sex during COVID-19.

Here at The Positive Side we love to share your stories. In "The Parent Trap" we hear from people who have explored adoption and surrogacy, and we take a closer look at how—even though people with HIV have increasing options—some barriers to parenting remain. Finally, our cover star Dee Stoicescu talks about their art practice in "Art Posi+ive," showing how they found identity, community and their creative voice.

We hope you enjoy the Spring/Summer 2021 issue! If you would like to contribute to an upcoming issue, then get in touch—we’re always looking to hear from our readers (yes, even you!). Got an idea for a topic you’d like to read about? Send any thoughts or suggestions to: contribute@positiveside.ca.

—Dan Udy