Other activities and the chances of getting/passing STIs

Scatophilia (shit play, scat): HIV is not passed this way, but there are other infections that can be passed, such as Hep A and intestinal parasites. If there are breaks on the skin (like cuts, scrapes or sores), avoid play on or near them, as this increases the chances of passing infections.

Urolagnia (urinating, golden showers, watersports): HIV is not passed this way, but other infections can be passed if urine enters the vagina, mouth or anus. If there are breaks on the skin, avoid play near the breaks, as this increases the chances of passing infections.

Fisting is when part or all of the hand is put into the vagina or anus. HIV is not commonly passed this way, however, other STIs may be more commonly passed. If blood is present, the chance of passing on HIV or Hep C is higher. To reduce the chances of passing infections, wear a latex glove (a new one for each partner) and use lubricant (fresh, separate portions for each partner).

Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) and sex where blood might be present:

The risk-reduction tools discussed in this guide, such as using condoms and oral dams on sex toys, can also be used during BDSM play.

Extra care should be taken for activities that involve drawing blood or causing breaks in the skin, as HIV and Hep C can be passed this way. Avoid getting bodily fluids in your own or in your partner’s mouth, vagina, anus, penis and open cuts or sores.

If your play involves using objects that cannot be sterilized (like whips) and these lead to breaks in the skin, avoid using them on more than one person. Avoid sharing equipment for any play that involves piercing, cutting or branding.