Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you are living with HIV and pregnant, or you want to have a child, HIV treatment can allow you to have an HIV-negative baby. Also, because people living with HIV who are on treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load do not transmit the virus to their sex partners, it is now easier than ever for people with HIV to conceive without worrying about passing the virus to an HIV-negative partner.

If you start HIV treatment before pregnancy and maintain an undetectable viral load throughout your pregnancy, you will not transmit HIV to your baby during pregnancy or delivery. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, as you may need to change your HIV treatment. If you are not on treatment when you first get pregnant, starting HIV treatment as soon as possible dramatically lowers the chance of passing HIV to your baby.

After the baby is born, Canadian guidelines recommend feeding the baby formula.  This is because HIV can be passed through breast milk even if the parent is on successful HIV treatment. People who have a desire to breastfeed (chestfeed) should talk to a trusted healthcare provider for help making the decision, and for monitoring and support if they choose to breastfeed (chestfeed).

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