Is formula good for my baby?

Congratulations! Having a baby is wonderful and exciting—and sometimes a little worrying—for many new mothers.1 Making sure their baby gets the right food is usually a priority. Practices differ around the world and even across the country. Breastfeeding is one option. However, many women feed formula to their baby.

There are different reasons for formula feeding. Sometimes it is a choice. Sometimes it is for medical reasons. Formula feeding is the best option for mothers who take certain medications or who have certain medical conditions. For example, formula feeding is one step a mother with HIV can take to ensure her baby stays HIV negative.

Women may have different feelings about formula feeding. Some women are comfortable with it. Some women, however, feel that they live in a culture that sees formula feeding as less healthy than breast-feeding. This can raise a lot of emotions.

Formula provides the nutrition babies need to grow up healthy and strong.

It is important to know that formula provides the nutrition babies need to grow up healthy and strong. And if you are a woman living with HIV and are pregnant or have a young baby, these pages have important information about how to keep your baby healthy.

1. While we have written this piece to speak to mothers who identify as women, we acknowledge that this information may also apply to trans men who have had children.