Doravirine begins to be listed on formularies

Doravirine is available as a pill and sold under the brand name Pifeltro. It belongs to the class of anti-HIV drugs called non-nukes (NNRTIs). Doravirine is also available in a pill called Delstrigo, a complete treatment for HIV that contains the following medicines:

  • doravirine
  • TDF (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)
  • 3TC

Both formulations of doravirine are taken once daily with or without food. In clinical trials doravirine was generally well tolerated and an effective part of HIV treatment.

About a year ago both formulations of doravirine were approved by Health Canada. Negotiations between the manufacturer of doravirine (Merck) and Canada’s provinces and territories about the discount they receive when purchasing doravirine have recently been finalized. As a result, doravirine (including Delstrigo) will be covered under the list of medicines that the province of Ontario subsidizes. Each province or territory has its own list of subsidized medicines, which is called a formulary. Over the coming weeks and months, more of Canada’s provinces and territories will add doravirine (and Delstrigo) to their formularies. To find out when doravirine is on a specific region’s formulary, contact your local pharmacist.


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—Sean R. Hosein