Nov 28, 2023 1:00 pm ET

Capacity building for healthcare professionals on having conversation about sexual health and HIV

Effective and culturally responsive sexual health, HIV and STI prevention, testing and treatment practice requires an understanding of and comfort with engaging in conversations with clients about sexual health, how the history of colonization may have impacted sexual health practices and how to engage in trauma-informed practice.

This panel discussion will offer reflections on the complex nature of sexual health conversations, such as those that are required to effectively support HIV prevention efforts, considering the realities of trauma and the legacy of the Residential School systems. It will explore provider comfort/discomfort around topics such as sexual practices and STBBIs. It will offer guidance on competencies to consider when engaging in conversations about sex, sexual health and HIV prevention, such as sex positivity, trauma-informed care, and harm reduction among others. The panel will share the strategies they have developed to have these conversations in their own practice and actions that healthcare providers can take to support more effective conversations about sex and healthy sexual practices.

Speakers will bring their expertise in working with Indigenous communities around sexual health bringing a deep understanding of sexual health conversation competencies in the context of Indigenous health and wellness, including Two-Sprit wellness. Speakers will include: Indigenous and non-Indigenous nurses or other health care / community-based service professionals with experience working in Indigenous communities. In addition, speakers will present critical analysis around sexual health conversations in the context of Indigenous wellness. Regional diversity, as well as experience working in urban-rural settings will be considered.

Moderator: Dylan Richards, CATIE


  • Jessy Dame, Two-Spirit Program, Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC)
  • Paulette Martin, Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Veronica Proper, Elevate NWO
  • Laverne Gervais, Ka Ni Kanichihk