Flower and gem essence therapies

Essence therapies are founded on the idea that plants, gems and crystals have a vital energy that can have a healing effect. Most essence therapies focus on a person’s emotional and spiritual well-being rather than on physical healing.

Flower essences

Flower essences are most commonly used in essence therapies. Each flower is used for its specific vibrational energy, which in turn has an effect on a person’s emotions. The properties of a flower essence are based on the flower’s colour, on where and when the flower is grown and sometimes on the medicinal properties associated with the plant itself. There are several groups of flower essences from plants that grow in different parts of the world.

Gem essences

The therapeutic properties attributed to each gem depend on the stone’s colour, molecular structure, chemical composition and the area where the gem is found. Gemstones are often used to enhance the chakras. (See section on Ayurvedic medicine.) Gem essences may also be used to balance the chakras to promote physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.