Sep 28, 2022 3:00 pm

Maintaining the momentum: Hepatitis C and HIV in the context of harm reduction

The landscape of drug use is changing in Canada due to shifting drug use patterns, inequitable access to harm reduction services and an ongoing drug poisoning crisis driven by a toxic drug supply, punitive drug laws and stigma.  The current situation is causing incredible harm to people who use drugs and has placed a significant strain on people providing harm reduction services.

Hepatitis C and HIV disproportionately affect people who use drugs in Canada. It is essential that we understand evolving drug use patterns and how they relate to HIV or hepatitis C acquisition, and how harm reduction services can support the health of people who use drugs.  

This webinar will provide a pan-Canadian snapshot of hepatitis C, HIV and drug use trends among people who use drugs. A panel of discussants will explore ways to maintain the momentum in Canada’s response to hepatitis C and HIV in the context of the overdose crisis.   

Moderator: Christopher Hoy, Manager, Hepatitis C Knowledge Exchange and Community Programming, CATIE


  • Chris Fraser, MD, Medical Director, Victoria Cool Aid Society 
  • Kayla DeMong, Executive Director, Prairie Harm Reduction
  • Kate Harland, RN, Vice President, Harm Reduction Nurses Association
  • Camille Arkell, Manager, HIV and Harm Reduction, CATIE