May 30, 2023 1:00 pm ET
Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (Oahas) CATIE

Indigenous engagement and innovation in HIV prevention

This is the final webinar of a four-part series on HIV prevention in Ontario co-organized by Oahas and CATIE, in partnership with 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations.

While pathways to HIV prevention are limited for some Indigenous communities in Ontario, leaders are engaging communities, increasing awareness of HIV prevention options and advocating for better access. These efforts are critical to reducing HIV transmission and HIV stigma.

This webinar will provide examples of Indigenous leadership, innovation, community engagement and awareness-raising in the contexts of HIV prevention and sexual health. These efforts, along with biomedical tools like PrEP, PEP and the knowledge that a person with HIV on successful treatment cannot pass HIV to their sexual partners, mean that Indigenous leaders have the power to significantly change the pace of the epidemic and improve outcomes within their communities.

With support from Elder Linda Barkman

Moderator: Aaron Bowerman, Oahas


  • Laverne Gervais, Ka Ni Kanichihk
  • Jordy Ironstar, Communities, Alliances, & Networks (CAAN)
  • Laura Liberty, Anishinabek Nation
  • Jack Saddleback, JusticeTrans

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This webinar will be presented in English.

CATIE is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health to deliver information and education for HIV service providers in Ontario.