Feb 22, 2023 1:00 pm ET

HIV self-testing project: event-based testing

This workshop will increase participants’ knowledge of event-based testing, which refers to various social settings and outreach days where HIV testing is offered. We will discuss how bringing testing into communities can be an effective way to meet people’s needs and address barriers to testing, such as stigma. Through this workshop, participants will learn how event-based testing fits within the landscape of other HIV-testing approaches in Canada. Participants will also hear about key considerations to support people who get tested at events.


  • Understand how community testing events can help increase access to HIV testing
  • Recognize the benefits of event-based testing for HIV self-test kit distribution
  • Understand how event-based HIV testing fits within the landscape of other testing approaches in Canada
  • Learn about barriers to HIV testing and how event-based testing can reduce them
  • Learn tips for how to plan an HIV testing event
  • Demonstrate ways to support people through the testing process at an event

With support from Elder Albert McLeod  

Moderator: Tonye Oriakhi, CATIE


  • Abbey Ferguson, Halifax Sexual Health Centre 
  • Jermane Hall, Black CAP
  • Ella Rockar, Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  • Mark Randall, Safelink Alberta