Mar 30, 2022 1:00 pm

Health navigation services for people who use drugs

Health navigation uses a person-centred approach to guide, connect, refer, educate and accompany people who use drugs through sometimes complex community, health and social service systems. The goals of navigation programs are to support people in their self-determined goals, to build the capacity of clients to self-manage their health and prevent harms, and ultimately to improve their overall wellness. 

Health navigation services can utilize the expertise of people with lived or living experience and/or other knowledge related to case management and system navigation. Different contexts require different approaches to navigate people through systems of care and support, including services that provide food and housing, mental health supports, clinical services or social support services.

This webinar will:

  • Highlight promising programs and practices, as well as relevant research evidence 
  • Explore the current implementation and delivery of programs, while providing an opportunity for programs in various stages of implementation, and in various contexts, to learn from each other

Moderator: Amanda Giacomazzo, CATIE


  • Kayti Ferguson, Hana Haines and Jennifer Isaacs, Somerset West Community Health Centre
  • Chelsea Grothé, CACTUS Montreal
  • Thomas Hendsbee and Jo Parker, Mainline Needle Exchange