Corporate sponsorships

Partnership and Collaboration

Much of what CATIE has accomplished through the years reflects the power of partnerships. The successes we have seen in the exchange of information and the promotion of prevention and positive health attest to the meaningful relationships we have established with affected communities, organizations both large and small, service providers, healthcare professionals, researchers, government and policy-makers.

To find out more about our activities in this area or if you are interested in exploring possible initiatives with CATIE, please contact:

Marsha Guthrie, Director, Operations and Resources at 416-203-7122, extension 707 or toll-free at 1-800-263-1638, extension 707 or e-mail to

Third-party promotion of CATIE Services

CATIE works with many partners in the private, public, and voluntary sectors to achieve the widest possible dissemination of HIV and HCV information for the benefit of the communities it serves. In order to increase awareness of the services and information available, CATIE may ask partners or other organizations to reference CATIE services in materials they produce.

Similarly, partners and other organizations may approach CATIE and ask to include the CATIE contact information or promote CATIE services in their educational materials.

The Third Party Promotion procedures outlined below have been developed to help CATIE process such requests in a clear, consistent and efficient manner that:

  • maintains CATIE’s position as an unbiased information source;
  • allows CATIE to plan for the increased volume of information requests that may result from third party education campaigns.

Third Party Promotion Procedures:

  1. A written request that briefly describes the materials, outlines the intended audience and summarizes the dissemination plan should be submitted to CATIE’s Director of Operations.
  2. A sample of the proposed material must be provided for review.
  3. After appropriate consideration by the Senior Management Team, CATIE may approve the use of its contact information in campaigns or educational materials provided that the materials are consistent with CATIE’s mission and approach, as defined in the Strategic Plan. The materials must not market any specific commercial product or service.
  4. If CATIE approves use of its contact information or promotion of its services on materials produced by a corporate partner, the following disclaimer must accompany the reference:

    CATIE provides free, unbiased information about a range of options for HIV (and HCV if appropriate) prevention, care, treatment and support. CATIE does not endorse specific commercial products or services.
  5. While CATIE strives to support educational campaigns, CATIE reserves the right to deny requests at the discretion of the senior management team.

Sponsorship and Fund Development Policy

Policy Statement

CATIE will strive to ensure that sponsorship and fund development activities/opportunities are consistent with its mission, values, and objectives. This policy is intended to help protect the integrity of the organization and its stakeholders by outlining ethical standards in relation to funds or other valuable contributions solicited or received through sponsorship and/or fund development.

Sponsorship and Fund Development activities are defined as follows:

  1. Special Events: fund development events that are conducted by, and benefit, CATIE.
  2. Third Party Events: fund development events that are negotiated by designated staff for the benefit of CATIE but are conducted by other individuals or organizations.
  3. Annual Fund: solicitations for funds through direct mail and/or telephone campaigns.
  4. Planned Giving: deferred donations, such as bequests, life insurance policies, and charitable remainder trusts.
  5. Foundations: grants received upon application to a charitable foundation.
  6. Corporate Support: includes corporate sponsorship of CATIE events as well as corporate giving to CATIE.
  7. Sponsorship: includes sponsorship of CATIE Special Events and direct sponsorship of CATIE programs and services.
  8. Individual Giving: personal solicitation of donations from individuals.

CATIE does not endorse, through acceptance of a sponsorship or fund development opportunity, the product, service or philosophy of the sponsor or donor. In addition, a sponsor or donor may not determine or influence the content of any program or service which CATIE delivers. The CATIE website does not host any form of advertisement.

This policy applies to all board members, staff, volunteers, and consultants who may solicit and receive sponsorship and fund development activities/opportunities on behalf of CATIE.

Policy Principles

In considering sponsorship and fund development activities, the following questions should be asked:

  1. Does it support CATIE’s mission?
  2. Does it provide an asset (financial, human resources, or public image) to CATIE?
  3. Does it compromise or restrict CATIE’s ability and right to express CATIE’s informed opinion on matters relating to CATIE’s work?
  4. Does acceptance of this donation unduly restrict CATIE’s capacity to solicit or accept other funds?
  5. Is it appropriate to CATIE’s philosophy of respect for basic human rights and the interests of people living with HIV/AIDS?
  6. Is it appropriate to CATIE’s strategic plan and work plans?
  7. Would it violate existing agreements with funding organizations?
  8. Will it take place over a reasonable time frame, with the opportunity for review and termination by CATIE is so desired?
  9. Could CATIE’s credibility or reputation be damaged by the relationship with the sponsor or donor?
  10. Could the public, or CATIE staff, members or clients reasonably perceive the sponsorship or fund development activity to have an inappropriate influence on CATIE Mission, values, objectives, activities, staff, members or clients?

CATIE seeks sponsorship and fund development partnerships/relationships that share the organizations values and that:

  1. Bring together organizations/partners with different strengths to support each other,
  2. Work towards eliminating prejudice and discrimination against people affected by HIV/AIDS,
  3. Help meet people’s needs related to HIV/AIDS,
  4. Support a wide range of treatment, research, health promotion/prevention and education services,
  5. Foster the public good, and the health and well being of clients, families, friends, research participants, learners, staff, volunteers, and community partners across Canada.

Policy Procedures

1) Approval of Sponsorship and Fund Development Activities

Through Executive Limitations policies, the Executive Director has the ultimate authority to negotiate sponsorship and fund development opportunity on behalf of CATIE. The Executive Director may designate members of staff to judge that acceptance of a specific sponsorship and/or fund development opportunity within the intent of this policy and the policy principles/guidelines.

In most situations, a sponsorship or fund development opportunity will be discussed and approved by the Executive Director or designated staff member. If the sponsorship or fund development activity/opportunity does not meet the intent and principles/guidelines of this policy, it will be rejected. If the sponsorship or fund development activity/opportunity is consistent with this policy but could still be reasonably perceived by the public, and/or CATIE staff, members, clients or volunteers as potentially damaging to CATIE’s credibility or reputation, the Executive Director will review the sponsorship or fund development activity/opportunity to determine whether it is acceptable within this policy.

2) Rules of Conduct

Volunteers, board members, staff and consultants who solicit and receive sponsorship and fund development activities/opportunities on behalf of CATIE must:

  1. have no vested interest that could result in personal gain;
  2. disclose immediately to CATIE any actual or apparent conflict of interest;
  3. act with fairness, integrity, openness, and in accordance with all applicable legislation;
  4. discourage the reality or perception of conflict of interest between CATIE and sources of any sponsorship or fund development resources, to the greatest extent possible.
  5. avoid potential situations which might create undue or biased influence of any sponsor or donor over the programs, policy positions or resources of CATIE.

3) Designated (Restricted) Donations

CATIE accepts designated donations for the purposes consistent with its mission, values and strategic plan and:

  1. All designated donations are to be used for the purposes for which they are given.
  2. All designations of $500 or more are to be approved by the Executive Director or their designate.
  3. Where a proposed designated donation is not consistent with CATIE’s mission, values and strategic plan, the appropriate CATIE staff is to:
    • Discuss the intended use of the proposed donation with the donor.
    • Make appropriate options available to the donor.
    • If agreement cannot be reached with the donor on reassignment of the proposed donation, refuse the designated donation.

4) Accepting Benefits from Donors or Sponsors

From time to time CATIE Board or Staff members will be invited to attend events where the cost is paid by a donor or sponsor. In such cases, transparency is crucial and approval will be sought.

  • In the case of a Staff member, from the Executive Director,
  • In the case of a Board member, from the Chair of the Board,
  • If broader approval is deemed necessary, the decision will be referred to the Board Executive Committee or, if needed, the Board in its whole.