CATIE is expanding learning and practice for harm reduction workers in Ontario

March 3, 2023

CATIE is expanding its role in Ontario to provide tailored harm reduction knowledge exchange and capacity-building activities. This work, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, will include the delivery of webinars, online learning, dialogues and more to advance the skills and knowledge of ministry-funded frontline and community providers.

This role will include coordinating and supporting a network of harm reduction outreach workers across Ontario, as well as broader supports for other community-based, clinical and public health workers. It will begin April 1, 2023, and build upon a strong foundation of work previously led by the Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN).  

As a leader in knowledge exchange for HIV, hepatitis C and harm reduction, CATIE is well positioned to take on this role. We are an established and credible source for harm reduction information, demonstrated through our work on the Harm Reduction Fundamentals Toolkit, Best Practice Recommendations for Canadian Harm Reduction Programs and other client and service provider resources. We have been frequent collaborators with Ministry funded provincial harm reduction programs, OHRN and the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP) on harm reduction knowledge exchange initiatives, and we also have substantial experience leading hepatitis C initiatives in Ontario, including supporting the Ontario Hepatitis C Teams Network, the Ontario Hepatitis C Elimination Roadmap and the immigrant and newcomer hepatitis C program.  

CATIE is not absorbing OHRN as a provincial program and will not necessarily deliver the same products or resources, but this joint transition is taking place with full endorsement of Fife House Leadership. We will establish a new plan based on extensive consultation, as well as CATIE’s existing resources, to deliver activities that best meet the current needs of harm reduction workers. CATIE is working on a seamless transition to ensure core functions are maintained and that we can continue supporting and collaborating with key provincial stakeholders and audiences.  We will work with partners to provide ongoing support through tailored, collaborative tools and events that are rooted in evidence, lived experience, health equity and anti-stigma.

CATIE would like to thank OHRN staff past and present for their important contributions to the well-being of people who use drugs. We are honoured to be able to continue this work.

To learn more about CATIE’s Ontario-funded activities, contact Christopher Hoy, Associate Director, Hepatitis C and Harm Reduction Ontario Programming (