Mar 20, 2023 1:00 pm ET

Achieving health equity among communities affected by HIV and hepatitis C in Canada

Many factors influence the health of marginalized people and communities. These include social and structural determinants of health, including social policies, socioeconomic status, racism, as well as historic and ongoing colonialism. Inequities in distribution of resources can result in some communities having less access to medical care, employment opportunities, healthy food and healthy environments, which can all lead to unfair differences in health status. This is known as health inequity. Health inequity can increase community-level vulnerability to HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections, and lead to poorer health outcomes for individuals.

Across Canada, much work is being done to support the health and wellness of communities affected by HIV and hepatitis C through a health equity approach. This webinar will bring together experts in health equity, community leaders and visionary organizations who support better health outcomes for those affected by HIV and hepatitis C. Together, we can improve health and wellness by building upon the strengths and protective factors that exist within communities.   

Moderator: Shriya Hari, CATIE


  • Notisha Massaquoi, PhD, presenter and panelist
  • Ivan Leonce, executive director, YouthCo
  • Tricia Smith, executive director, Radius Community Health and Healing
  • Kate Dunn, doctoral candidate, Royal Roads University

This webinar will be simultaneously interpreted in French.