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Staff Directory

Laurie Edmiston

Executive Director

ext. 248

Jacqueline Holder

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

ext. 258


Andrew Brett

Director, Communications

ext. 268

Audrey Pitou

Coordinator, Resource Access and Promotion

ext. 259

Alexandra Murphy

Communications Officer

ext. 247

Catherine Poëzévara

French Editor

ext. 325

Joseph van Veen

Coordinator, Events and Membership

ext. 254

Renzo Bongiorno

Digital Content Producer

ext. 209

Knowledge Exchange

Tim Rogers

Strategic Director, Knowledge Exchange

ext. 245

Laurel Challacombe

Director, HIV Knowledge Exchange and Evaluation

ext. 227

Melisa Dickie

Director, Hepatitis C Knowledge Exchange

ext. 222

Sugandhi del Canto

Associate Director, HIV and Sexual Health Knowledge Exchange

ext. 704

Amanda Giacomazzo

Manager, Community Programming

ext. 238

Audréanne Smith

Specialist, Community Programming

ext. 291

Camille Arkell

Manager, Harm Reduction and HIV Prevention

ext. 234

Christopher Hoy

Manager, Hepatitis C Community Programming

ext. 265

Dan Udy

Editor/ Writer, Health Information Resources

ext. 250

Erica Lee

Manager, Website Content and Evaluation

ext. 264

Fozia Tanveer

Manager, Immigrant and Newcomer Hepatitis C Community Health Programming

ext. 241

Magnus Nowell

Knowledge Specialist, Harm Reduction

ext. 256

Mallory Harrigan

Knowledge Specialist, HIV Testing

ext. 327

Rivka Kushner

Manager, National Hepatitis C Knowledge Exchange

ext. 221

Romane Close

Knowledge Specialist, Hepatitis C Resource Development

ext. 228

Sean Hosein

Science & Medicine Editor

ext. 224

Shannon Elliot
(On leave)

Knowledge Specialist, Hepatitis C

ext. 331

Yukun Zhao

Coordinator, Hepatitis C Ethnocultural Education, Outreach and Social Marketing Program

ext. 231

Operations and Resources

Sean Neeb

Director, Operations and Resources

ext. 223

Flora Lee

Manager, Finance

ext. 237

Maria Escudero


ext. 251

Shamim ShambeMiradam

Program Assistant

ext. 225

Michael Stringer

Associate Director, Information Technology

ext. 244

Dapeng Qi

System Administrator and Developer

ext. 252

Matthew Watson

Online and Digital Media Editor

ext. 263


Christine Johnston

Director, Education and Capacity Building

ext. 226

Marty Rocca

Manager, Online Education Development

ext. 249

Joël Xavier

Health Education Coordinator

ext. 273

Jordan Coulombe

Health Education Coordinator

ext. 332

Krysha Littlewood

Specialist, Instructional Design and e-Learning Development

ext. 272

Michael Bailey
(On leave)

Health Education Coordinator

ext. 260

Qais Baloch

E-learning Developer

ext. 232

Shelley Taylor

Specialist, Education and Capacity Building

ext. 230

Shriya Hari

Information Specialist and Education Coordinator, COVID-19

ext. 337