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The INSTI HIV Self Test was licensed by Health Canada in November 2020. It is the first HIV self-test to be licensed in Canada and provides an exciting new option for HIV testing.

Do you have questions about HIV self-testing? Check out these resources to learn more about HIV self-testing and how to address it in your programs.

What is HIV self-testing and how does it work?

These resources review the basics of HIV-self testing, including how self-tests work and key facts about self-tests such as their accuracy, acceptability and uptake.

HIV self-testing

This fact sheet explains the steps in the HIV self-test process and examines test accuracy, ease of use and acceptability, as well as how service providers can support people interested in self-testing.

Health Canada licenses HIV self-testing

This CATIE News article provides a general overview of HIV self-testing, including test use and accuracy, potential challenges to implementing self-testing and implications for service providers as the self-test becomes available across the country.

INSTI® HIV Self Test licensing announcement key messages: HIV self-testing
REACH 3.0, CANFAR, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions 

This document provides seven key messages to help communicate key points about HIV self-testing.

The acceptability and use of HIV self-testing among men who have sex with men in high-income countries
Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)

This literature review looks at the perceptions of HIV self-testing among gay and bisexual men who have sex with men, their willingness to use HIV self-tests and the uptake of HIV self-testing in this group.

Backgrounder: INSTI HIV Self Test clinical study findings
REACH 3.0, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions

This document summarizes the findings of a study conducted in Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal on the performance, acceptance and usability of the INSTI HIV Self Test.

What resources are available for test users?

INSTI HIV self-test training video

This video from the test manufacturer shows how to perform the INSTI HIV Self Test.

How can service providers address HIV self-testing in programs and services?

These resources will help service providers think about how they can support individuals interested in HIV self-testing or how they could implement HIV self-testing in their programs and services. 

HIV self-testing: Learning from international program models to increase testing

This article reviews some program models that have expanded the use of HIV self-testing into diverse settings to reach diverse target populations.

What are the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing HIV self-testing in Canada?

This article summarizes a literature review that examines the challenges and opportunities associated with HIV self-testing as well as evidence on potential solutions that may help us to better implement HIV self-testing in Canada.

Free HIV self-testing: Best practices, positivity rates, and associated costs
Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)

This literature review looks at the various approaches to providing free HIV self-testing to reach different populations, the program costs associated with providing free HIV self-testing and the positivity rates for HIV self-testing.

Testing for HIV at home: How Ottawa is piloting self-testing
CATIE blog

This post from the CATIE blog profiles GetaKit, a mail-out HIV self-test kit distribution service. GetaKit is an Ottawa-based research project that was started before HIV self-testing was approved in Canada.

Peer distribution of HIV self-test kits

This evidence brief reviews an HIV self-testing program in Uganda that trained men who have sex with men to distribute HIV self-tests to their social and sexual networks. The program included training on how to use the HIV self-test, counsel people who take the test, and link people who tested positive to HIV confirmatory testing and HIV treatment. 

The HIV self-testing webpage on CATIE’s website also contains resources to help frontline service providers learn more about HIV self-testing. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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