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PrEP in community-based organizations

The following resources can be used to support the delivery of programs and services that address PrEP in community-based organizations. They include resources to learn more about PrEP and guides, manuals, and program models to inform the integration of PrEP into programs and services.


PrEP basics


This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about PrEP. It includes PrEP basics, common concerns about PrEP, drug safety and interactions, how PrEP works in the body, special considerations for specific populations, and how to access PrEP. It is primarily intended for service providers but can also be given to clients who are looking for in-depth information.

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

This factsheet reviews PrEP basics including effectiveness, use, advantages, safety concerns, and access.

PrEP in Canada: What do we know about awareness, acceptability and use?

This article reviews research related to PrEP in the Canadian context and what we know about awareness, acceptability, and uptake of PrEP in Canada.

PrEP for understudied populations: Exploring questions about efficacy and safety

This article looks at what we know about PrEP use during pregnancy and when chestfeeding (breastfeeding), and its use by trans women, trans men, and people who inject drugs.

Views from the front lines: PrEP in Canada

In this article three service providers share their views and insights on how they talk to their clients about PrEP.

Preventing the sexual transmission of HIV

This self-paced, online course aims to develop core knowledge on the prevention of sexual transmission of HIV for frontline service providers. The course covers the use of PrEP among other highly effective HIV prevention strategies.

Dr. Darrell Tan: Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention in Canada

In this video, physician Darrell Tan discusses PrEP in Canada, including the Canadian PrEP guidelines and the role of frontline providers in supporting PrEP use.

Addressing PrEP in community-based programs and services

Canadian programming resources

CATIE statement on the use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV

This CATIE statement summarizes the evidence on PrEP effectiveness and provides recommendations to service providers on how to promote and support the use of PrEP within their programs and services.

New Canadian HIV PrEP/nPEP guidelines: Public health and community perspectives

This webinar reviews key messages from the Canadian PrEP and non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP) guidelines; helps community-based service providers understand PrEP/nPEP eligibility to support access for clients at high risk of acquiring HIV; and presents service provider and public health perspectives and experiences on using the guidelines to help clients access PrEP and/or nPEP.

Text message reminder tool – The Sex You Want
Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH)

This program summary profiles a text message reminder tool for HIV treatment adherence that can also be used to support and promote PrEP adherence.

International programming resources

Helping people access pre-exposure prophylaxis: A frontline provider manual on PrEP research, care and navigation | Project Inform

This guide summarizes the evidence supporting PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy, reviews the clinical care of people on PrEP, and outlines how to support a client navigating PrEP care. While the guide is based on US guidelines and access information, the more general information on PrEP basics and providing PrEP support can still be of interest to Canadian service providers.

PrEPare for Life: Manual and implementation guide

The PrEPpare for Life training helps service providers understand PrEP basics and prepares them to address and support PrEP use by young men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly Black and Latino MSM, in their programs and services. The manual provides lessons and activities to be used during the training. Peer-based educational videos are also available for use during training. The training content addresses HIV and PrEP use in the United States but also covers topics like community engagement and stigma that are relevant to a Canadian context.

L’accompagnement communautaire lors de consultations PrEP

This guide describes a community-based program at the organization AIDES in France which provides support to people during PrEP initiation and use. While the guide reflects PrEP access and procedures in France that may not be relevant in Canada, the information on providing support to people on PrEP can still be of interest to Canadian service providers.