What is World Hepatitis Day?

World Hepatitis Day is an international event focused on raising awareness about viral hepatitis and influencing real change in disease prevention and access to testing and treatment.

The first World Hepatitis Day was held in 2008. In July 2010, the World Health Organization designated July 28th as World Hepatitis Day, one of eight official global health awareness days. The World Hepatitis Alliance coordinates World Hepatitis Day internationally.

Today, about 500 million people worldwide – one in 12 – are living with chronic viral hepatitis B or hepatitis C. In Canada, an estimated 600,000 people have viral hepatitis, with many unaware of their status.

Five things service providers should know about hepatitis C

The pace of hepatitis C research has been so rapid, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. In the past year alone, we have seen new Canadian screening and treatment guidelines and expanded access to new treatments that cure the infection in most people.

To help service providers prepare for World Hepatitis Day (July 28), we’ve listed the top five things we should all know and be sharing with service users living with or at risk for hepatitis C. Read more...

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Hepatitis C Key Messages

Harm reductionTreatmentLiving WellTestingABCsBlood to blood

Hepatitis C in Canada

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Hepatitis C in Canada - Infographic Poster
Public Health Agency of Canada

This infographic poster provides information on the hepatitis C virus infection in Canada. Please note that this infographic is based on 2015 data provided by the provinces and territories in Canada as part of the Canadian Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System and selected research findings to complement the surveillance information.

Hepatitis C: Are You at Risk?
Public Health Agency of Canada

Hepatitis C Screening & Testing Quick Reference Guide – Canadian Liver Foundation

Achieving Elimination of Hepatitis C in Canada

Resources available from the CATIE Ordering Centre

World Hepatitis Day Suggested Resources – recommended educational resources to develop your own campaign activities

CATIE has developed two new brochures about hepatitis C. Order copies for your clients:

A brief history of hepatitis C: 1989 – 2018

A timeline highlighting milestones in the history of hepatitis C.