Strengthening efforts to eliminate hepatitis C: An overview of the latest in research and implications for frontline workers

Event Date: 
February 28 2018, 12:00 pm EST

Hepatitis C is now effectively a curable virus with the potential for elimination.  Join CATIE and CanHepC for a spotlight on important issues and innovative research coming out of the 7th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C. This year’s conference focuses on what it will take to make elimination a reality in Canada. This webinar reviews key research and the implications on front-line practice and community perspectives.

Topics include: 

  • Micro-elimination as a strategy to support the elimination effort
  • Priority populations, real-world implications, and remaining gaps and opportunities
  • Population-level cascade of care in hepatitis C
  • New information related to re-infection

Moderator: Melisa Dickie, Associate Director, Hepatitis C Knowledge Exchange, CATIE


  • Rivka Kushner, Knowledge Specialist, Hepatitis C, CATIE
  • Jason Altenberg, Director of Programs and Services, South Riverdale Community Health Centre


  • Mohamed Abdel–Hakeem, CanHepC Postdoctoral fellow
  • Maryam Darvishian, CanHepC Postdoctoral fellow
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