Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C: Research Update and Implications for Gay Men’s Health Providers

Event Date: 
25 April 2017, 13:00 EDT

Our understanding of Hepatitis C transmission and the development of effective Hep C treatment has evolved dramatically in recent years. In high resource countries, Hep C is primarily passed through sharing used injection drug equipment, however, Hep C infections were occurring among HIV-positive gbMSM who reported not having used injection drugs. This confused public health for years until recent research was able to show that Hep C can be passed through sexual contact. Campaigns like Frank Talk by the Community Based Research Centre have attempted to educate gbMSM on how Hep C could be passed during rough sexual contact through small traces of blood. Research now shows  that Hep C can be found in semen, providing new evidence that Hep C may be transmitted sexually without exposure to blood.

This webinar will highlight the latest research on Hep C transmission and treatment, with the goal of better equipping public health, healthcare providers and gbMSM with updated information about the sexual transmission of Hep C. The webinar will include an overview presentation by Scott Anderson (Hep C writer/researcher at CATIE), as well as presentations from the Pacific Hep C Network (PHCN) and community members with lived experience.

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