Peer health navigation: integrated systems of care

Event Date: 
March 21 2019, 12:00 pm EDT

A webinar in partnership with Positive Living B.C.

Peer health navigation is a person-centred approach to guide, connect, refer, educate and accompany people living with HIV through systems of care. The goals of health navigation are to support people living with HIV in their self-determined goals, to build the capacity of clients to self-manage their HIV care, to navigate systems themselves and, ultimately, improve their health and overall wellness. 

This webinar will focus on integrating peer health navigators into healthcare settings, such as hospitals and clinics, and discuss how peers can become equal and engaged members of the healthcare team. This webinar focuses on chapter 10 of Practice Guidelines in Peer Health Navigation for People Living with HIV. The perspectives of both healthcare professionals and peer health navigators will be included, as well as a discussion of challenges and potential solutions. 

Moderator: Amanda Giacomazzo, CATIE  


  • Hesham Ali, Positive Living B.C.  
  • Glen Bradford, Positive Living B.C. 
  • Laura Zerr, Vancouver Coastal Health 
  • Mary Petty, St. Paul’s Hospital (formerly)  
  • Wendy Stevens, Positive Living B.C.


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