Linking testing to treatment: Update on hepatitis C care in Ontario

Event Date: 
March 16 2020, 12:00 pm EDT

This webinar shares new hepatitis C data from Ontario and what it means for the hepatitis C response in the province. This includes a new hepatitis C epidemiology report from Public Health Ontario and provincial prescriber data from the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network.

While a provincial cascade of hepatitis C care does not currently exist in Ontario, these data provide a useful starting point for identifying bottlenecks or gaps in testing, diagnosis, treatment and cure. This webinar discusses what these data mean for providers, patients and the overall healthcare system, and what needs to be done to improve hepatitis C care and move towards elimination.

Moderator: Christopher Hoy, CATIE


  • Dr. Michelle Murti, Public Health Physician, Public Health Ontario
  • Dr. Mina Tadrous, Scientist, Women’s College Hospital, Ontario Drug Policy Research Network
  • Dr. Jordan Feld, Hepatologist, University Health Network
  • Dr. Chris Steingart, Executive Director, Sanguen Health Centre
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