Webinar series: HIV-positive parenting in Canada



Presented by CATIE and the Interdisciplinary HIV Pregnancy Research Group (IHPREG), this three-part webinar series will explore issues related to HIV, pregnancy and parenting in Canada. The series will feature presentations from people living with HIV, healthcare providers and researchers.

Webinar #1 - Planning Pregnancies in 2014: Options and opportunities for care of people and couples affected by HIV

A live webinar with Dr. Mona Loutfy, Clinician Scientist at Women’s College Hospital and Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto

Webinar #2 - A Complicated Dilemma: HIV and infant feeding


  • Logan Kennedy, MN, RN, Research Associate for the Interdisciplinary HIV Pregnancy Research Group (IHPREG), Women’s College Hospital, Toronto
  • Dr. Lena Serghides, Scientist at the Toronto General Research Institute, University Health Network, Toronto
  • Dr. Saara Greene, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Work, McMaster University, Hamilton

In Canada, parents who are living with HIV are advised not to breastfeed infants, as this may present a risk for the vertical transmission of the virus. In a social context where breastfeeding is often touted as being optimal for babies’ physical and emotional health, the decision not to breastfeed can be a difficult one. This webinar will examine the science behind the vertical transmission of HIV in the context of breastfeeding, as well as some of the issues and tensions that emerge for positive parents who are asked to formula-feed. Presenters will also provide tangible options and strategies that parents can use to help lessen and mitigate some of these tensions.

Webinar #3 - Life with baby: A round-table discussion on positive parenting


  • Parents from across Canada who are living with or affected by HIV

This webinar will be hosted by Nicci Stein, Executive Director of the Teresa Group, an organization that advances the dignity and well-being of children and their families affected by HIV in Ontario. Nicci will facilitate a round-table discussion with parents of young children who reside in various parts of Canada, and who are living with or affected by HIV.

Our speakers will be invited to share their stories, experiences and strategies as they relate to conception and pre-natal, post-natal and infant care. In the process, the webinar will examine some of the issues, fears and joys experienced by parents living with or affected by HIV, and the different services and strategies that can help them to transition into a happy and healthy life with baby.

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All webinars will be recorded and available for viewing online after the broadcast. Please note that this webinar will be presented in English. A French version of this webinar series will be presented in 2015.