March/April 2016 

Bone health resources

Here are some useful resources on bone health:

Osteoporosis Canada

This organization has many helpful resources about bone health; below are just a few:

Osteoporosis Canada

Osteoporosis Canada’s guide to getting enough calcium in your diet

Osteoporosis Canada’s guide to whether you need a calcium supplement

Some medications that can affect your bones

FRAX (fracture risk assessment tool) for Canada

CATIE Resources

Bone healthA Practical Guide to a Healthy Body for People Living with HIV

Bone healthTreatmentUpdate 189

Understanding the risk/benefit of bone drugsTreatmentUpdate 189

A clinical trial of zoledronate for increasing bone densityTreatmentUpdate 209

Long-term effect of zoledronate on bone health in HIV-positive menTreatmentUpdate 189

Boning Up on Bone HealthThe Positive Side

Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN)

A study on alendronate to help increase bone density

—Sean R. Hosein