Prince Edward Island


The Prince Edward Island Drug Cost Assistance Programs are administered by PEI Health and Wellness, and provide prescription drug coverage for eligible residents of PEI.

Prince Edward Island offers a number of drug programs. Islanders who qualify for one of the drug programs can receive medications that are listed on the formulary.

For more information, contact the Drug Cost Assistance Programs Office at (902) 368-4947 or toll-free at 1-877-577-3737.

Tell me more about the HIV/AIDS Program

The HIV/AIDS program serves persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and/or persons who have had a needle-stick injury. Persons wishing to be served by this program should register through the Chief Health Officer. Beneficiaries of this program receive approved prescription medications.

What drugs are covered?

Any drug listed in the Drug Cost Assistance Programs Formulary is covered. To view the formulary or search for a specific drug, see PEI Drug Programs Formulary.

What is Exceptional Drug Status?

Exceptional Drug Status (EDS) Coverage allows you to get coverage for a drug that is not in the formulary. Your physician must fill out and send an Exceptional Drug Request Form to PEI Drug Cost Assistance Programs. Download a copy of the Standard Special Authorization Request Form.

What coverage is there for hepatitis C medications?

For specific information on coverage for hepatitis C medications, visit's Treament Coverage in Your Region.

Consideration for travelers

Under most circumstances, if you have a physician in a province outside of PEI prescribe a drug for you, you can receive that drug from a PEI pharmacy. Some exceptions apply when it comes to controlled drugs and narcotics. Also, you may not be covered under your home province’s drug plan. Please consult with your pharmacist beforehand.

If you are planning to move to PEI, be aware that you will not be able to receive prescription drug coverage until you qualify as a resident of the province, which may take several months.