New Brunswick


The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program (NBPDP) provides prescription drug benefits to eligible residents of New Brunswick, and is sponsored by the New Brunswick Department of Health. In almost all cases, if you want to be eligible for the Drug Program, you must first register with New Brunswick Medicare.

Who does the drug program cover?

There are a number of beneficiary groups served by the NBPDP. They are listed below:

More about Plan U (HIV/AIDS)

Unlike many other provinces, New Brunswick has a special drug plan for HIV patients. This plan is known as Plan U, and is available to eligible residents of New Brunswick. You are eligible for this plan if you are diagnosed with HIV and registered to the plan by a New Brunswick infectious disease specialist. You must not be receiving similar benefits from other sources, and you must be registered with New Brunswick Medicare. Coverage will continue as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements and continue to reside in New Brunswick. For more information about this plan, click here.

What drugs are covered?

Many drugs are covered by the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program. For the complete list, please view the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program Formulary.

For information about Formulary updates, click here.

What is Special Authorization?

Special Authorization allows a patient to receive coverage for drugs that are normally not covered under the formulary. If you want to be considered for Special Authorization, and you are currently covered under one of the drug plans, then you can send a written request to the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Authorization Unit.

A Special Authorization request should include your

  • Medicare number
  • Date of birth
  • Drug, dosage form and strength
  • Expected duration of therapy
  • Specific clinical and diagnostic evidence supporting the use of the medication

For more information about this, and for Special Authorization Unit contact information, see Special Authorization.

What coverage is there for hepatitis C medications?

For specific information on coverage for hepatitis C medications, visit's Treament Coverage in Your Region.

Considerations for travelers

Please note that the NBPDP only reimburses drugs dispensed in the Province of New Brunswick by a pharmacist or designated dispensing physician. Also, if you are a resident of New Brunswick and have a physician prescribe a drug for you in a province outside of New Brunswick, you can still receive that drug from a New Brunswick pharmacy. However, you may not be covered by the NBPDP. Please consult with your pharmacist beforehand.

If you are planning to move to New Brunswick, be aware that you will not be able to receive prescription drug coverage until you qualify as a resident of the province, which may take several months.