National Defense Health Services


What is it?

The Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) is the designated health care provider for Canada's military personnel, delivering medical and dental services at military installations across Canada and overseas.

Information about drug benefits can be found on the Spectrum of Care: Medical and Dental Benefits and Services Web pages.

Who is eligible?

Members of the Regular Force and members of the Reserve Force on Class C service, and Class B service for over 180 consecutive days, may receive the benefits when deemed necessary for medical, dental or operational reasons.

Members of the Reserve Force on Class B service for 180 consecutive days or less, on Class A service and Canadian Rangers may be entitled to receive the benefits and services. These are generally limited to the treatment of injuries sustained while on military duty.

In most instances, approval authority for benefits and services rests with the senior health care authority, or his/her delegated representative, at the member's support base, wing or unit.

What is covered?

Supplemental Health Care includes Drug Benefits for drugs on the CFHS Drug Benefit List, when prescribed by an authorized health care provider. They include:

  • drugs that normally require a prescription
  • drugs that may not require a prescription but that are only available for purchase at an accredited pharmacy and have known therapeutic value
  • replacement therapeutic nutrients provided that there is no other nutritional alternative to support the life of the member
  • injectable drugs, including injectable allergy serums and vaccines
  • compounded prescriptions
  • vitamins and minerals, which are prescribed for the treatment of a chronic disease when the use of such products are proven to have therapeutic value
  • drug delivery devices that integral to the product, such as those used to deliver asthma medication
  • nitrous oxide when administered by a licensed practitioner
  • recognized contraceptive devices including, but not limited to, IUD’s, condoms, spermicides and diaphragms (condoms and spermicides are to be obtained from a Canadian Forces (CF) health care facility)

How do you apply?

Information regarding your benefits is available through your Support Base Health Care Coordinator. or by calling the CF Health Information Line at 1-877-633-3368.

How does it work?

You are issued a Canadian Forces Health Care Identification Card. Information on the card includes: your name, your military service number, a unique health care ID number that civilian providers must use to process a claim for their services, a toll free telephone number for requesting information on accessing care and a telephone number for health care providers who have questions.

You are the only person eligible to use health care benefits obtained with this card. Your dependants are not covered. When health care is obtained from a civilian provider, you should present both your CF Photo Identification Card and your CF Health Care Identification Card.

For more information go to National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Web site.