Programs From Correctional Services of Canada (CSC)


Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN) provides counseling on how to access HIV drugs in the federal prison system. For more information, contact one of the federal workers at the organization.

What is it?

Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) provides essential health services, including the provision of prescription drugs, to all federal inmates. Generally, it is the institution or a regional pharmacy and therapeutics committee that decides which medications are covered. Sometimes, CSC uses the appropriate provincial formulary to guide the decision.

How does it work?

In accordance with Standards for Health Services, specifically Standard 414: Pharmaceutical Services, “all prescribed medications shall be dispensed/administered in an efficient and effective manner by qualified professionals in accordance with relevant legislation.”

According to the Standards for Health Services, the guidelines for pharmaceutical services include:

  • pharmacy services shall be provided to all institutions by pharmacists whenever possible
  • medications shall be provided by a monitored-dose system whenever possible
  • a selection of over-the-counter hygiene and medical products shall be made available for purchase
  • documentation of all dispensed/administered medication shall be maintained by Health Service staff