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What Works: Tips for taking care of yourself if you have Hep C or HIV and inject drugs

2014, CATIE
Client resources - Webpage

Treat Me Right: Getting treated for hepatitis C or HIV if you inject drugs

2014, CATIE
Client resources - Webpage

Opioids: reducing injection risks

2017, Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec
Brochure - PDF
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Harm reduction services for Indigenous people who use drugs: questions and answers

2017, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (CHLN)
Client resources - PDF
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Profile: Inspiring, Devoted, Unstoppable

From The Positive Side - Winter 2012
2012, CATIE
Client resources - Webpage

Sex, Drugs and HIV

From The Positive Side - Spring 2003
2003, CATIE
Client resources - Webpage