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Linkage to hepatitis C care using a nurse navigator at the University of Virginia Infectious Diseases Hepatitis C Clinic

2019, CATIE
Case study - Webpage

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: The Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program

2015, The Ottawa Hospital
Case study - Webpage

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: Elevate NWO

2014, Elevate NWO
Case study - Webpage

Ontario Hepatitis C Team: Sanguen Health Centre

2014, Sanguen Health Centre
Case study - Webpage

Chronic Health Navigation Program

2014, ASK Wellness Centre
Case study - Webpage

Positive Self-Management Program

2018, The Gilbert Centre for Social and Support Services
Case study - Webpage

Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC)

2013, St. Paul's Hospital
Case study - Webpage

TAHAH: Towards Aboriginal Health and Healing Program

2013, Vancouver STOP Project
Case study - Webpage

Enhanced Supportive Housing Program

2016, Dr. Peter Centre
Case study - Webpage

Weekend Wellness Retreats

2011, Positive Women's Network (PWN)
Case study - Webpage