Women Lovin': A queer women's sexual health guide

This pocket guide is a fresh look at sexual health for queer women. Developed, designed and written by women, Women Lovin' is a bit cheeky and playful, with solid information on sexual health issues for queer women. It's written from a pleasure perspective. The format includes more than two dozen topics organised around knowledge ("Know your risks") and options for promoting sexual health ("Know your choices"). Basic information on HIV and other STIs, as well as Hep C, is combined with practical tips and risk-reduction strategies. The pocket guide includes information about trans women, cis women, trans men and cis men, in the context of being potential partners to cis women. Introductory national resources are also provided.

Published by: AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
Date: 2012
Type: Client resources
Language(s): English, French
Topic(s): Hepatitis C
Safer sex and sexual health
       > Safer sex
Specific Population(s): Women
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