Remembering Zak Knowles


July 21, 2021

CATIE is sad to share the news of the passing of Zak Knowles, our associate director of online and print publications. Many of our partners working in HIV and hepatitis C have known Zak as the go-to person at CATIE for our publication development and partnerships. But within CATIE, he was also known as a dedicated, conscientious and caring co-worker with a sharp wit and sunny disposition.

Zak has been an integral part of the CATIE team for nearly 13 years, serving in various roles in that time. Among his many accomplishments, Zak helped launch the 4th edition of Managing Your Health, our serial online publication Prevention in Focus, and CATIE’s revamped website in 2013. Prior to CATIE, Zak worked as an HIV testing counsellor at the Hassle Free Clinic in Toronto.

Zak loved his work, and his commitment to the cause was evident in how he went above and beyond expectations. He graciously shared his lived experience with us, improving our understanding of the issues we write about and improving the information we produce for service providers and their clients.

We will also remember Zak as our workplace health and safety representative, fire warden, “Evil Santa” and gym coach/cheerleader. We will all miss Zak terribly, but his contributions will live on in our memories and in the impact of his work on the lives of people living with, affected by and at risk for HIV and hepatitis C.

We send our thoughts to Zak’s husband Neil and his family and friends in Canada and abroad.