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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a medication that a person who is HIV-negative can take to reduce their risk of getting HIV. When PrEP is used as prescribed it is rare to get HIV through sex, and the chance of getting HIV from sharing drug using equipment is dramatically reduced. PrEP was approved by Health Canada in 2016. PrEP represents an exciting advancement in HIV prevention, because it is another highly effective HIV prevention option for people who do not always use condoms for sex or who do not always use new equipment when injecting drugs. For the benefits of PrEP to be fully realized in Canada, it is important for service providers and clients to have access to accurate information.

This collection contains resources and tools to help frontline service providers meet their own PrEP educational needs and the needs of their clients. It includes guidelines, program models, and other resources to inform the integration of PrEP into programs and services, as well as client resources to help service providers communicate PrEP information to clients.

This collection includes both Canadian and international resources. Please note that some international resources provide information on PrEP access and payment that is not applicable in Canada. See PrEP access and coverage for resources on accessing and paying for PrEP in Canada. Some Canadian resources also include information specific to a province/territory that may not be applicable to other parts of Canada.

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