Living with HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection


You just found out you have HIV and hepatitis C

Coping with the fact that you are co-infected can be difficult. This is true whether you have been living with one virus and then learned that you have the other one or learned about both infections at the same time.

For some people who have been dealing with one infection, whether it is HIV or hepatitis C, a second infection is not easier to handle. It can feel like an extra obstacle or a setback in adjusting to life with a chronic illness.

On the other hand, some people who have been dealing with one infection feel empowered by their experiences managing that infection and are able to adapt what they have learned to a second infection.

If you have tested positive for HIV and hepatitis C at the same time, the initial shock can be especially difficult to cope with. In addition to the information in this booklet, you may want more general information about HIV and hepatitis C.

The most important thing right now is to find a doctor and get other support.

Everyone reacts to the news of being co-infected in his or her own way. Still, many people ask similar questions: How can co-infection affect me? What treatment options exist and how can treatment affect me? What supports and resources are available? This booklet is meant to answer many of these questions.

Living with both HIV and hepatitis C creates a unique set of challenges related to staying healthy, making decisions about treatment and protecting yourself and others. With the help of a healthcare team, information and support, you can live a long and healthy life.