Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide


Where to get tested for hepatitis C

Key points

  • Early testing and diagnosis improves health because the virus has less time to injure the liver and a person can be linked to treatment to cure their hepatitis C infection sooner.
  • Testing for hepatitis C is usually done three to six months after exposure.
  • Hepatitis C testing is available through most doctors and healthcare settings and at some harm reduction services.

Each province and territory has slight differences in the way they do testing for hepatitis C.  If you would like general information on the types of tests used to diagnose and monitor Hep C, see the Diagnostic Tests  webpage. 

Hepatitis C testing is available at a doctor’s office, most community health centres and sexual health clinics.  Sometimes a person needs an appointment to get tested so they may want to call your health care centre to make sure that hepatitis C testing is available and that they can see a doctor or nurse.

Hepatitis C testing is also available at some public health units and community health and social service organizations. Visit HCV411.ca to see which organizations offer hepatitis C testing in your area.