Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide


How to prevent hepatitis C transmission

People living with a chronic infection such as hepatitis C often wish to learn more about how the infection is passed from person to person so that they can protect the people around them from the virus.

Here are some ways to prevent hepatitis C from passing on from one person to another:

  • Using new injection drug use equipment every time drugs are injected (new equipment is available at needle exchange programs)
  • Keeping a crack pipe for one’s own use only and not sharing it
  • Planning ahead for drug use by having extra, new drug use equipment on hand to use oneself or to give to others
  • Safely disposing of drug use equipment in a sharps container or an empty plastic bottle that has a tight-fitting lid (like a bleach bottle or pop bottle)
  • Switching from injecting drugs to other forms of drug-taking, such as smoking or ingestion, if you can’t get new needles
  • Getting tattoos and piercings done in places where the artist uses new, sterile equipment (including needles, ink and ink pots)
  • Not sharing personal items that may have blood on them (razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers) and keeping them out of reach of others when not in use
  • Using condoms and other safer-sex practices during sex
  • Consulting a doctor when considering pregnancy and having children 

Revised 2014.