The Positive Side

Winter 2012 

Editor's Letter

By David McLay

From the Front Lines: In Your Gay-bourhood

The gay health orgs in your 'hood

Chatty CATIE: The Dating Game

4 PHAs reveal their dating do's and don'ts

Interviews by RonniLyn Pustil

Profile: Inspiring, Devoted, Unstoppable

Chantale Perron has met loss with hope in her journey from heroin to heroine

Sizing Up Web Sources

6 ways to assess online health info

By Lauren Plews

Daily Dose of D

It's time to let the sunshine vitamin in

By R. Paul Kerston

A Hard Day's Work

People with HIV are taking care of business

By Diane Peters

Kidneys Take Centre Stage

HIV and kidney health

Ask the Experts: Kidney Health

3 health pros take a kick at healthy kidneys

Art Posi+ive: Fighting Spirit

Painter Simon Thwaites

By Jennifer McPhee

Self-Portrait 06.29.11

A self-portrait by Joe Average