The Positive Side

Winter 2010 

Web of Positivity

By Heather Ann Kaldeway

PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD use the Internet to tell their stories of living with HIV and to share resources with each other through blogs, audio projects, online learning spaces and networking sites. While you probably already know and other major HIV sites, we would like to suggest a few more spots to visit.

My Journey with AIDS

Kenn Chaplin, a denizen of Toronto, writes that his blog “start[ed] as a year-end letter to a dying friend in 1993, then morph[ed] into a blog. HIV/AIDS is just a part, granted an important part, of my life journey.”

NAMlife – NAM, UK

NAMlife is a website featuring stories from people living with HIV about everything from sex to side effects, transmission to travel, and meds to mental health.

Positive Lite

A new cyber-adventure by Brian Finch of fame and co-conspirator Brandon Williams. This site brings together “some of the best PHA bloggers that Canada (and New York City) have to offer.”

HIV, Women and Motherhood: An Audio Project – Strategies for Hope, UK

In interviews taped at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico in August 2008, 14 positive women share how HIV has affected the joys and pains of pregnancy, motherhood and the desire for children. One of the interviews is with Canada’s own Shari Margolese.

Global Network of People Living with HIV

The website of the only worldwide network representing all people living with HIV and AIDS provides an overview of the organization and how it’s working to combat the virus worldwide. If you’re looking to make a difference on a big scale, this is the place to start.

The Positive Project

A US website containing hundreds of video interviews of people living with HIV. And they’re searchable.

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