The Positive Side

Summer 2011 

Editor’s Letter

By David McLay

THE POSITIVE SIDE turns 10 this year! For those of us here at CATIE — and perhaps you can relate — it’s a time that brings up mixed emotions. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we’re angry that HIV is still rampant in many communities and affects so many lives. We’re happy that we can share the stories of HIV-positive people doing extraordinary — and ordinary — things, but we are saddened that many friends and loved ones are still dying from the disease.

To mark this anniversary, we got in touch with all the people who have appeared on the cover of this magazine and compiled a “where are they now?” retrospective. We were delighted to learn that the majority are surviving and thriving and were eager to fill us in on what they’ve been up to. Their mini interviews reveal that HIV is only one part of life — as it should be.

Perhaps as a testament to the great strides we all have made in fighting the virus, 24 of the cover folk are still here to celebrate with us. The loss of Nicole, Kimberly, Rhonda and Françoise saddens us all, and we honour their memories by dedicating this issue of The Positive Side to them.

While we reflect on the past, we also have an eye firmly fixed on the present. In this issue, we look at HIV in small-town and rural Canada. We also report on the growing realization that people with HIV need to take care of their bones — and, of course, we offer advice on how to do that. Art posi+ive showcases the beautiful beadwork of Ron Horsefall. As well, our experts provide information and advice on vaginal health.

Looking to the future, we can only guess what it will bring. However, we do know that as long as HIV continues to infect our communities, there will be a need for this magazine. Whatever comes, we will be there to share personal stories, practical advice and the latest HIV treatment information, all with the goal of helping you live longer and better.