The Positive Side

Summer 2007 

Editors’ Letter

Growing Old Gracefully

Recent advances in treatment mean people with HIV are not only living better, they’re living longer. Here’s how to deal with the new reality.

By Laurette Lévy

The Truth about Youth

HIV infection rates among young people are on the rise; the need for support is growing, too. We ask the experts — positive youth — what’s needed.

By Colleen Patterson

From the Front Lines: What’s happening at AIDS Service Organizations across the country?

What’s happening at AIDS Service Organizations across the country.

Chatty CATIE: Peer support

Five HIV-positive mentors talk about working as a peer counsellor.

Interviews by RonniLyn Pustil

Cultivating Compassion

Operating in a legal no-man’s-land, dedicated activists at compassion clubs across Canada are working to make medicinal marijuana available to any PHA who needs it.

Staying on the Road to Health

Getting ready to start HIV treatment improves the chances of sticking to it. Doctors, researchers and PHAs talk about how to stay on track.

By David McLay

Ask the Experts: Gut Reactions

A physician, a pharmacist, a naturopath and a CATIE Treatment Information Educator on coping with stomach upset.

Vision Quest

Aboriginal artist Wabishki Myeengun takes direction from the forefathers.