The Positive Side

Spring/Summer 2005 

Resources: What's New in Treatment Info?

Compiled by Susan Massarella


Bloodlines, a quarterly magazine by the Vancouver Red Road HIV/AIDS Network, is a vibrant publication by and for Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS that’s packed with personal stories, treatment tips and regional resources. The most recent issue (#3) centres on the needs of Aboriginal women. Go to for Bloodlines in PDF format (click on “Documents”).

For print copies, contact the Vancouver Red Road HIV/AIDS Network: 604.913.3332, 1.866.913.3332 (toll-free)

The 3rd edition of BCPWA’s Positive Living Manual is now available. Learn how to live well with HIV — from dealing with your diagnosis to making complex treatment decisions to healthy eating. A soft-cover booklet is available for free to BCPWA members, all PHAs in B.C., and B.C. health care professionals and ASOs for their clients. People elsewhere in Canada can get it for $10 per copy. A hard-cover tabbed binder edition helps health professionals, front-line workers and ASOs better care for their clients. Click on for the manual in PDF format.

For print copies, contact BCPWA: 604.893.2250, 1.800.994.2437 (toll-free in BC only),

The Quebec government has published a timely guide called Lipodystrophy: Information for people living with HIV, revised by the Comité consultative pour la prise en charge clinique des personnes vivant avec le VIH-SIDA in collaboration with COCQ-Sida and CPAVIH. The guide leads readers through an understanding of the symptoms of lipo and discusses potential causes and interventions for treating this syndrome. A more detailed document is available in print for health care professionals. Go to for the guide in PDF format.

For print copies, fax 418.644.4574 or e-mail

Life Goes On: Pregnancy and HIV, a plain language, no-nonsense booklet from Voices of Positive Women, empowers HIV positive women to learn about all of their options in pregnancy — from deciding to get pregnant, to treatment options during pregnancy, right up to care considerations for the newborn and mother.

Drug Access

Disponibilité des medicaments anti-VIH au Québec 2005 — CPAVIH has produced handy charts (in French only) showing exactly which antiretrovirals are available on the provincial formulary — and which are not. The charts also show which meds are available in the United States but have not yet been approved for use in Canada.

Reimbursement status of HIV medications in Ontario — The Immunodeficiency Clinic at the Toronto General Hospital provides a chart of how to obtain antiretrovirals in Ontario. With a useful breakdown of which provincial program to use to access each specific HIV med, the chart also lists the accessibility of other drugs (such as antifungals, appetite stimulants, etc.) used to treat aspects of HIV infection. Although it's geared to health care professionals, PHAs can use the chart to find out about the practicalities of obtaining meds.
Note: CATIE has all the provincial formularies, so feel free to call us toll-free at 1.800.263.1638 to find out which meds are covered in your province.

Fact Sheets in Different Languages

Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA) has teamed up with CATIE to provide fact sheets on 30 treatment topics for African communities. So far the fact sheets are available in Swahili, English and French, with Hausa soon to be added. Check them out at

Thanks to Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS), this treatment info is also available in Tagalog, Vietnamese and traditional and simplified Chinese at


Retro Woman: Navigating advanced treatment information for women. Produced by BCPWA in partnership with the Positive Women’s Network, this interactive CD-ROM is useful for HIV positive women and their health care providers. Learn about treatment options and self-care in a fun and easy-to-follow way, with fact sheets, slide lectures (which have a voiceover option) and a resource list. Good for all literacy levels.

For a free copy, contact BCPWA: 604.893.2244,

Educational Conference

CATIE’s Annual General Meeting and Educational Conference will take place this year in Ottawa on June 20 and 21. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about what’s new in HIV treatments and to network with PHAs. Once again, our event will follow the PHA Forum and Annual General Meeting of the Canadian AIDS Society. If you are interested in attending, conference scholarship applications are available.

For more info, visit or call CATIE toll-free at 1.800.263.1638.