The Positive Side

Spring/Summer 2004 

Editor’s Letter

By RonniLyn Pustil

I Will Survive

Ron Rosenes shares some wisdom from 20 years of positive living

Keep on Truckin’

Four long-term survivors take you on their long, strange trips with HIV

Interviews by Diane Peters

Readers’ Corner

Letters to the editor

Chatty CATIE: Side Effects Suck

5 PHAs, 5 different side effects.

Interviews by Diane Peters

Kiss in the Kitchen

15 food groups to pack in your pantry

By Lark Lands

As the Wheel Turns

The HIV/AIDS Medicine Wheel

By Albert McLeod

The Story of Syphilis

The STD that’s making a comeback

By Gilles Lambert, Benoît Côté and Elizabeth Lacombe

Better Living through Rehab

Rehabilitation can put you back in the driver’s seat

By Peter Williams

Up in Smoke

The ifs, ands or buts of butting out

By Andrea Rudd