The Positive Side

Spring 2019 

Editor’s Letter

From the Front Lines: Learn to be a Leader!

Leadership can be learned!

Chatty CATIE: Woman to Woman

If your best friend was diagnosed with HIV, what would you want her to know?

Stats that Might Stun You

Random HIV facts from around the world

Profile: Life Saver

Activist Gareth Henry works tirelessly to improve the lives of others

Something to Be Anal About

The cancer people don’t want to talk about

What can Western medicine learn from Indigenous healing traditions?

3 Indigenous docs talk about caring for the whole person

Strong Medicine

A film by and for Indigenous people living with HIV

Ask the Experts

Food for thought with dietitian Annie Tsang

Art Posi+ive: Now I Will Be Me

Be inspired by the art and story of Gustavo Hannecke