The Positive Side

Spring 2008 

Editors’ Letter

Over the Hump

From foster care to fostering AIDS awareness

By Charlene Catchpole and Kristin Jenkins

From the Front Lines: What’s happening at AIDS service organizations across Canada?

What’s happening at AIDS service organizations across the country

Chatty CATIE: How I find the JOY in every day

How to find the joy in every day

By RonniLyn Pustil

Trans Canada

What it means to be HIV positive and transgendered

By Nora Underwood

Conquer the Kitchen

Ramp up your nutrition in five easy steps

By David McLay

Double Duty

By Colleen Price

Ask the Experts: Facial Wasting

Facial wasting and what you can do

Happy Birthday Handsome

One man’s experience with reconstruction surgery for lipo

Art Posi+ive: Debout en clair-obscur

A translated excerpt from the Laurette Lévy novel


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