The Positive Side

Spring 2003 


By Elizabeth (Betty) Anderson

I have found beauty in so many places,

Not just in money or pretty faces.

I’ve found beauty in darkness, when I was alone,

In back alleys or under a stone.

I’ve found it in smiles,

I’ve found it in tears,

Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in years.

I’ve found it in giving of myself,

Or dusty old memories I’d left on a shelf.

I’ve found it in things I couldn’t replace,

Like caring and trust in somebody’s face.

I’ve found it in people who don’t even know it’s there.

And puppies and kittens who sit on my chair.

I’ve found so much beauty mixed with the pain,

By this time tomorrow I will find some again.

Betty Anderson was born November 2, 1949, in Johnstone, Scotland. Among her AIDS-related work, Betty was a board member of Voices of Positive Women and Casey House Hospice. She was also a member of the Ontario AIDS Network’s PHA Caucus and worked at PASAN (Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network). Betty passed away on September 25, 2002, at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She is dearly missed.