The Positive Side

Spring 2003 

Editor’s Letter

By RonniLyn Pustil

The Divine Secrets of the + Sisterhood

Treatment information for women living with HIV/AIDS

By Lark Lands

Taking Care of Yourself

30 nice things to do that cost (nearly) nothing

By Rebecca Denison

The Goddess Flesh Club

How HIV improved my sex life and made me a goddess

By River Huston

In • te • grate

To make whole or complete by adding or bringing together parts. To unify.

By Barb Findlay

Transcending Barriers

Letting go of the things that hold us back

By Kimberley Johnson

Coming to Terms with HIV

Basic tips on understanding medical terminology

By Cathy Elliott Olufs

Lady Sings the Blues

When you want to crawl under the covers for good, it’s time to ask for help — and get diagnosed

By David Coop

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

More HIV+ women are becoming moms

By Stacie Stukin and Lark Lands

From Diapers to Disclosure

Excerpts from the life of an HIV+ mother

By Shari Margolese

Sex, Drugs and HIV

Harm reduction makes life easier for drug users

By Chantale Perron

The Golden Years

Q&A with Ana, an HIV+ 77-year-old grandmother

By Tracy Barber

De-stress Yourself

Taking time out for you is one of the best things to do

By Rebekka Valian

The Ladies Room

Resources for HIV+ women, moms and moms-to-be


Poetry by Betty Anderson

By Elizabeth (Betty) Anderson