The Positive Side

Fall/Winter 2001 

Profound Attunement

By Bija Bennett

Merely putting your awareness
                   In your body
                              and breathing
is a process of

                 Did you know that there is a real relationship
Between the quality of your attention
                                and the capacity to heal yourself?
                 When you have an alert appreciation
                                of what’s really going on
within you
            and outside you
                         something inside
                                         begins to express itself.

When you start paying attention
                                      to your feelings
                  to your body
                       and to your breath
                   something inside
                               begins to tell you what you need.

                    Healing is profound attunement.

                           If you are willing to tune in
                                     You will find that the energy of your awareness
can change you deeply. Because profound attunement
                       is the natural state of healing and transformation.
                                        Open yourself and participate.


                                                         to your life.