The Positive Side

Fall/Winter 2001 

Editors’ Note

by RonniLyn Pustil and Sean Hosein

Original Aboriginal

Kecia Larkin speaks her mind

By Marie Belmont

Profound Attunement

By Bija Bennett

10 Commandments for Living Long and Well with HIV

By Lark Lands

Chatty CATIE: All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Go?

5 PHAs on how they deal with stress

Breathing Lessons

It’s never too late to meditate

By Gordon Waselnuk

Introduction to Yoga

Q&A with PHA yoga student David Spirrill. Plus, strike a pose at home.

Interview by Diane Peters

Good to the Bone

Nutrition for bone health

Mama Rossi’s Edible Love

Book review: Numb Toes and Other Woes

By Sean Hosein

Why I Attend HIV Rounds

Wayne Stump makes the HIV Rounds.

By Wayne Stump